Alister Liljedahl

My name is Alister Liljedahl.  I have lived in Connecticut for the majority of my life and grew up in Avon and Canton.  Currently, I reside in Torrington with my wife and son.

I have been surrounded by some aspect of real estate all my life.  My father is a very well known and respected general contractor who has served the Farmington Valley, West Hartford, and the surrounding areas for almost 40 years.  From 1998 to 2001, I watched him and his team transform our two bedroom and two bathroom single floor ranch into a four bedroom three bathroom colonial with a finished basement and a custom stone patio in the backyard which encompassed a fire pit and jacuzzi.  I was there throughout the entire reconstruction and have toured many job sites over the years.

At Oliver Wolcott, I studied mechanical engineering and architecture.  A large portion of our studies was building and analyzing mock building plans to Torrington building codes as of 2006-2008.  While serving in the military, I am a mechanic.  My assigned duty is a generator mechanic but due to my trade experience (10 years), I get tasked to fix nearly every piece of mechanical equipment from a small 3k diesel generator to medium and large duty excavation equipment.

I am also an active member of the United States Army reserve and have been since 2013.  Being part of the armed forces has served me and my family well since my enlistment and I do plan to continue to serve as long as I can.

In order to further develop my career in real estate, I have invested close to 30 hours of classroom-style training in additional to the required training mandated by the state of Connecticut.  That additional training includes and is not limited to understanding and evaluating commercial properties rental properties, how to effectively manage rental properties, understanding what it takes to build value in today’s market (in terms of equity), how to effectively communicate with people, as well as the impact of technology in today’s world.

Finding the perfect home or the perfect investment is never easy.  Finding a coach that someone can really trust will result in a stronger relationship.  Allow me to be that coach.


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