Lauren Howard

Throughout my advantageous journey, I’ve consistently pushed myself to overachieve. Between volunteering at church, being a photographer, a licensed drone pilot, a published author, a licensed plumber, and ultimately a real estate agent. I truly believe all the ventures I’ve ever tread on, played an important role toward every aspect of my work ethic.

From growing up in Waterbury to buying my first house in Terryville at 23, getting my first furry friend, playing a few songs on the guitar, learning to perfect my gardening skills, raising chickens in the back yard, and most importantly getting engaged to my soul mate. My life has truly proven to be a product of the effort I have put into it.

Turning back a page, I have spent most of my workdays as a plumber (approx. 15 years to date). I have done residential new construction, service work and now industrial construction. From small water lines to pipes so large you need to stand inside of them to install them. I have acquired an array of mechanical skills.

Despite those years well spent, I have found my working passion is not in construction. It is in real estate. My infatuation with knowledge of the markets, and how a home can motivate and improve an individual’s life, drives me to be better at what I do.

As I put my book on the shelf, and my drone in the sky, I realize that nothing has to be a pipe dream. If we put in the effort, we can succeed. Without a doubt, I’ve found the greatest joy comes from serving others. Whether it be physical work, financial advice, a few words of peace, or simply through good deeds that no one will ever see. If I can help, I will. To me, life is more than the mountains we’ve climbed. It’s the pinnacles we can help others reach for themselves.

Reach out to me for any reason at all. I hope for the best for you.
Call or Text me: 860-944-6807

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