Maryellen Morey

Maryellen Morey recently acquired her Connecticut Real Estate license in May 2022 and comes to us from another company where she discovered she is quite knowledgeable about the business. During the two years in their accounting department, she came to the realization she is a people person through and through. She drove a school bus in region one for over 12 years, leaving only due to the pandemic.
Maryellen was born and raised in Litchfield County, calling North Canaan home since 2008. always trying to find ways to improve life for her family and friends. In her spare time, she has completed courses in business, computer, finance, photography, cosmetology, personal training, and nutrition courses. She enjoys meeting new people, inspiring others, many outdoor activities, being creative, and helping others to reach their goals.
Maryellen has yet to find a challenge she cannot overcome when given the time, training, and patience.
Phone: 860-318-1172.

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