Monique Abreu

Monique Abreu

Monique Abreu is a native of Northwestern CT. She grew up in Winsted and graduated from The Gilbert School. After graduation, Monique enjoyed several years in the fast-paced food and beverage service industry. As a bartender, Monique earned the nickname “Mama Moe” from both her patrons and co-workers alike. One co-worker said “You could always depend on Moe to be prepared with a solution no matter what the problem was. Whenever I needed advice, encouragement, or just someone to listen I would always talk to Moe and get just what I needed.”

After having children of her own, Monique was looking to join the 9-5 world and begin a career. She began work in the legal industry. There she worked as a Paralegal at a law firm specializing in Real Estate, Bankruptcy, and Family Law. During her experience at the firm, she came to realize the importance of being a trusted advocate for people when life-changing and sometimes difficult decisions must be made. After getting her start at the law firm, Monique became a licensed Insurance Agent.

She continued her professional career in the Insurance industry. For 8 years she was a successful Personal and Commercial sales executive. While working with business owners, she navigated the inner workings of numerous industries. In addition, Monique also assisted her clients in managing the risks involved in each one. She met the challenge of guiding her clients through their fears time and again by providing knowledgeable advice and support to manage their risks. Monique says “If there is anything I’ve learned in life and business it’s that the people are what matters. They will always know I’m here for them, not the other way around.”

A lover of all things New England, Monique purchased her first home in Winsted where she’s outnumbered most days by dogs and children, but wouldn’t have it any other way. She fills her free time hiking the Appalachian Trails and kayaking on the Farmington River with her family.

Monique Abreu is determined to carry her solid values to the Real Estate world as an agent whose name is synonymous with integrity, authenticity, compassion, and trust. She has proven to be a person others can rely on. Monique can’t wait to guide you and your family through to the next chapter in your lives. She is excited to be a part of Turning Point Realty LLC. Her cell phone is 860-605-7221 – Call or TEXT 24-7. Email:

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