Nancy Therriault

Nancy Therriault was born and raised in Bristol, Connecticut. Nancy and her husband Bob raised their three children there as well. All of Nancy’s children are grown up and so far, have given her and her husband 5 beautiful grandchildren who she loves with all her heart.

Nancy has strong ties in Bristol, her mother was an elementary school  teacher there as well as President of the Bristol Historical Society for many years. Her mother’s passion to be involved in many organizations has passed down to Nancy.

Nancy has worked most of her adult life sharing her knowledge of health and nutrition with many. She worked for seven years out of Maletta Pfeiffer Physical Therapy in Torrington helping people to reach their weight loss and health goals.

Now Nancy is very excited to help people in another way, helping them to find a home that is right for them, whether it is a small or large or a condo or rental, she will always put her client’s needs and desires first.

Nancy is a people person for sure, always wanting to help others and always looking to meet new people. Give Nancy a call at 860-982-9264 or email her at

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