Turning Point Realty LLC is an industry leader when it comes to educating all types of home buyers. Are you a First Time Home Buyer, Veteran/Military Buyer, Investor, Flipper, or a Downsizer/Rightsizer? You can count on Turning Point Realty LLC to teach you what you need to know about these big life moves! From one REALTOR®, to a whole team, we have quickly become Litchfield County’s fastest growing real estate firm. Known for our work with First Time Home Buyers, Turning Point Realty LLC is the place to go when you’re looking to buy, sell or invest in any price range in Litchfield and Western Hartford Counties. We are also licensed in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Homebuyer Bootcamp

Are you like most people and think that homebuying seems to be an overly complicated process? Don’t be! We break it all down for you in easy steps and teach you everything you need to know to feel confident to move forward. Here’s a sample of what’s covered:

The process from beginning to end
• Financing
• Making an offer
• How do I know what the home is really worth?
• Neighborhood value
How to find the right property
• Negotiating repairs
• The closing

Investor Workshop

Our dynamic Investor Boot Camps teach you everything you need to know to create and preserve passive income through real estate! Learn how to build a real estate portfolio that works for you and your family. Real estate investing is not easy, but we break down all of the pieces for you in an easy to understand methodology. Learn our proven systems, techniques and tools that we have been using for many years with success. Learn what it really means to have passive income working for you. Sessions will include:

• Why diversification is key
• How to find deals
• Creating a business plan
• Market analysis tools
• Acquisition
• Management
• Exit strategies
• Case studies
• Buying and holding
• Cap rates
• Debt service
• Calculating DSCR
• Using the listing agent
• Single family homes
• Multi family homes
• Duplexes
• Triplexes
• Four families and up
• Property management
• Utility sharing
• Service dogs and companion animals
• Section 8
• Finding the right tenants

Flipper Workshop

Learn how to fix and flip houses in today’s market in this dynamic class session. We teach you everything you need to know to make real estate investing easy and doable.

What you’ll learn:

• Finding profitable real estate deals with the help of “investor-friendly” real estate agents
• Learn how to successfully find the right lenders so they will want to lend you money.
• Learn how to calculate comps, ARV, expected profit and expenses so that you will be prepared to negotiate the best deal
• Work with general contractors who will rehab the property for you
• Understand your risk
• When to buy and hold and when to let go
• Understand your risk
• Understand where the profit is
• The ability to flip quickly
• Developing good relationships with contractors
• Building in your cushion for overruns
• Pricing just below competitors
• Pay attention to detail
• Don’t skip the small things
• Get and close out permits

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