Mary Kate

Mary Kate McAllister

Mary Kate grew up in Litchfield County and was a graduate of Northwestern Region 7 in 2013. She is a trusted member of the community and as a young teen, where she volunteered for local fire and ambulance companies. Mary decided to go further by achieving her paramedic license in 2017. She gets her real estate passion from her mom, Suzie Larson.

Mary Kate is very dedicated to everything she sets her mind to. She is someone that will put all of her effort into whatever task is put in front of her. Not only is she a real estate agent, and paramedic, but she is also an EMS educator, starting her own company in 2019. Mary bought her first home when she was 22, and her second when she was 25! She understands what it’s like to be a first-time home buyer, a young homeowner, a landlord, and a multi-residential owner! She resides just north of Granby, CT in Southwick, MA, and is licensed in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Her cell phone is 860-806-7775 – Call or TEXT 24-7. Email:


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